Welcome to RAIDs PROJECT

RAIDs project (Rational molecular Assessments and Innovative Drugs selection) is a EU funded project proposing a rational approach in HPV-related cervical cancer towards building intelligent new targeted therapy designs based on the understanding of specific wiring errors in tumor cell signaling. It is meant to set the stage for futureprecision medicine and vaccine development through a comprehensive analysis of the tumor and its interactions with the tumor micro environment.
  • The project started 1st October 2012 and the funding period by the European commission ended March 2017.
  • RAIDs is an ambitious collaborative project, coordinated by Suzy Scholl, medical oncologist at Institut Curie.
  • RAIDs aims to develop innovative tools, models and new standards in order to establish a patient group stratification for targeted therapies applications in cervical cancer. In order to meet these challenging objectives, the project is structured around 8 Work packages.
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